High Vacuum Laboratory PEVIN

Polarising Filters

Our laboratory makes for special orders linear and circular polarizing filters on glass and plastic substrate in different dimensions. For reduction of glares we can coat surfaces of polarizer with an antireflective layer.

Linear polarizing filters have special features of selective absorption of light vibrations in certain planes. When unpolarized light which is a complex mixture of vibrations of electromagnetic waves lying in all possible directions transverses to the line of travel passes through linear polarizer its vibrations become a single linear plane and the light is considered "polarized". This linearly polarized light can be modified to suppress unwanted reflections and eliminate glares for a variety of applications.
linear polarizer

A circular polarizer comprises a linear polarizer and ¼ wave retarder whose slow and fast axes are at 45° to the axis of the polarizer. A ray of the unpolarized light, passing through the linear polarizer becomes polarized at 45° to the axis of the retarder. When this polarized light ray passes through the retarder its vibration direction is made to move in a helical pattern. After the light ray is reflected from a specular surface the sense of rotation of the vibration reverses. This rotation is stopped in the return through the retarder. The light is now lineary polarized in plane 90° to the orginal polarization plane and is absorbed by the linearly polarized component of the circular polarizer.
This propriety is used among other things in filters improving contrast in monitors and displays of measuring units in well lit rooms. It improves comfort of vision to a great extent.
circular polarizer