High Vacuum Laboratory PEVIN


Vacuum metallization is one of the basic methods of metal coating on parts made of glass and plastics which applies  in optics, automotive industry, astronomy and  for decorative purposes.
We use two methods of vacuum metallization: ”classic” evaporation from so called ”boat” or from special wires and sputtering. In the first method metal is melted and evaporated from resistance heated source made of tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum.  Evaporation source is heated  by  high current intensity (several hundred  of amperes). This method is not recommended for evaporation alloys because of  fractionation of metals. On that account  the  more universal method is  sputtering. Sputtering is a process whereby atoms are ejected in a magnetic field from a solid target material by a high voltage. Sputtering makes possible deposition of pure metals as well as alloys into thin films.
We offer metal coatings: aluminum, silver, chromium, cupper and alloys: brass, stainless steel. For a special order of customers  we deposit other metals and alloys. We can protect thin metal films by additional coating made of  SiO2, SiO and MgF2. It is recommend especially for  metal films which are easily mechanically and chemically damaged. These films are commonly used in optical industry.